The Record Shop Project

A project exploring the connection between art and music.

What is The Record Shop Project?

The Record Shop Project is an art exhibition and on going project exploring the connection between music and visual art. The exhibition will include artwork inspired by a song or album that the artist has chosen themselves.In March of 2023 the exhibition was held in the Peterborough Cathedral. The artwork was displayed for a week allowing people to explore the work as part of there Cathedral experiance.Beyond the exhibition, the project will continue. All artwork will be uploaded to the gallery here as well as the projects Instagram so feel free to explore the artwork already here. If you want to be part of the project, you can! Just head to the submit a piece page to find the submission form and all the necessary details.There is also a Spotify playlisted curated to include all the songs submitted alongside the art pieces that can be found on the gallery page, if you want to listen to the whole range of different songs that have inspired all of these other creatives. The playlist can be found in the links below.

The Exhibit

Peterborough Cathedral were kind enough to let us use their space to hold our exhibition and was held for a week in March of 2023.

We were also able to hold the exhibition at the University Centre Peterborough where the artwork was showcased in a different format. This provided an opportunity for student who had entered the exhibition to come see there work printed and on display if they could not make it to the Cathedral.

Want to Submit a Piece?

Pick a song or piece of music that you like and use that to create a piece of artwork. Use whatever medium you like. Remember you will need to submit a digital image of the piece so keep that in mind if you go traditional as you will have to scan it in or photograph it.

Entries must:

  • Have a 1:1 scale ratio. We recommend going for 120mmx120mm or 12"x12" if it is for the Cathedral Exhibition.

  • Be appropraite to display on Instagram and the project gallery.

This project and exhibition was created, funded and run by a small group of artists from Peterborough.


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